September 25, 2011

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Depeche Mode - Everything Counts b/w Work Hard (1983) - single

The single introduced a transition in lyrical content for the group. "Everything Counts" specifically addresses corporate greed and corruption, as the chorus sings of "grabbing hands" that "grab all they can". Perhaps surprisingly, the single was released at a time when the band itself was not under a formal contract with Mute Records (more interestingly, Gore publishes his songs under the name "Grabbing Hands Music"). In addition to "found" sounds used as samples, the single also samples a variety of musical instruments, such as the xylophone and a melodica (which Martin has been known to play on stage for the song). It was also the first song in the band's catalogue which includes both of the band's singers prominently (at different times). Lead vocalist David Gahan sings the verses, while song writer Martin Gore sings the chorus. When the song has been performed live, the chorus has been sung by all of the band's musicians except Gahan, as it appeared in the video for the single.

A - Everything Counts (3:56)Written by: M.L. Gore / Produced by: Daniel Miller, Depeche Mode, Tonmeister Gareth Jones
B - Work Hard (4:21)Written by: M.L. Gore, A. Wilder / Produced by: Daniel Miller, Depeche Mode, Tonmeister Gareth Jones

Label:  Mute Records
Genre:  New Wave, Synth-pop
Catalog#  101802


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