July 30, 2010

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Charlie - Fight Dirty (1979)

Charlie was a British rock band that was formed in 1971 by Terry Thomas, members: John Anderson (vocals); Terry Thomas (vocals, guitar); Eugene Organ (vocals, bass); Julian Colbeck (keyboards); Steve Gadd, Shep Lonsdale (drums). After a couple of early singles, including the well-played "Johnny Hold Back," and several albums, the band finally had a hit in 1978 with "She Loves to Be In Love," which reached the Top 60 in the United States. In 1979 they released their 4th album “Fight Dirty” with the self-titled single.

A - Fight Dirty (4:08)
Written-By: Terry Thomas / Producer: Terry Thomas, Julian Colbeck for Trident Records
B - End Of It All (3:31)
Written-By: Anderson, Colbeck, Organ, Thomas / Producer: Terry Thomas, Julian Colbeck for Trident Records

Label:  Polydor Records
Genre:  Rock
Catalog#  2059134


July 28, 2010

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Road - Budapest b/w Au Revoir, My Love (1976) - single

Road is een band uit Friesland, die begin 1976 met het nummer "To Know That I Love You", de Tipparade haalde. De Opvolger was het nummer "Budapest".

A - Budapest (3:25)
Written-by: D. Paressa / Arranged-by: Paul Natte / Producer:  Han Grevelt
B - Au Revoir, My Love (3:01)
Written-by: D. Paressa / Arranged-by: Paul Natte / Producer:  Han Grevelt

Label:  Negram Records
Genre:  Pop
Catalog#  NG 2181

© 1976
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Super Rock Stars Live - Medley b/w Dance All Night (1981) - single

De gebroeders Bolland haakten in op de medleyrage die met Stars On 45 is begonnen. Met Super Rock Stars Live, een medley met oude rocksongs zoals: Child In Time, Listen To The Music, Smoke On The Water, All Right Now en Somebody To Love wat werd ingezongen door Mariska Veres van Shocking Blue.

A - Medley (5:20)
Producer: Bolland & Bolland
B - Dance All Night (2:22)
Written-by: Songstone, Hammerstone / Producer: Bolland & Bolland

Label:  EMI Records
Genre:  Rock
Catalog#  1A 006-26727


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Dave Edmunds - Almost Saturday Night (1981)

A - Almost Saturday Night (2:10)
B - You´ll Never Get Me Up (3:47)

Release: 1981
Label: Swan Song Records
Genre: Pub Rock
Producer: Dave Edmunds
Country: U.K./Wales

Dave Edmunds (born 15 April 1944, Cardiff, Glamorgan, South Wales) is a Welsh singer, guitarist and record producer. From the album “Twangin'” (1981), the song ´Almost Saturday Night´ a cover from John Fogerty.
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Ian Matthews - A Fool Like You b/w I´ll Be Gone (1976) - single

Ian Matthews (born 16 June 1946) is an English musician and songwriter.
Mainly known as a member from bands like: Fairport Convention, Matthews' Southern Comfort and Plainsong. From 1972 he went solo. From the album “Go For Broke” (1976) was taken ´A Fool Like You´.

A - A Fool Like You (3:13)
Written-by: T. Moore / Andustin Music / Fuse Music Limited
B - I´ll Be Gone (3:29)
Written-by: Ian Matthews / Acked Music Inc.

Genre:  Pop
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  4526

(P) 1976
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Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Down, Down (1977)

A - Down, Down (4:19)
B - Freeways (4:20)

Release: 1977
Label: Mercury Records
Genre: Rock
Producer: Randy Bachman
Country: Canada

Bachman–Turner Overdrive (BTO) is a Canadian rock group from Winnipeg, Manitoba
, formed in Winnipeg in 1971 by Randy Bachman and Chad Allan, both formerly of The Guess Who, and drummer Robin "Robbie" Bachman. The precursor to BTO was the band Brave Belt. From their 6th album “Freeways” released in 1977, with the single ´Down, Down´.
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Lake - On The Run b/w Key To The Rhyme (1977) - single

Lake was a German rock music band that formed in the early 1970s under the name Tornados, changing their name to Lake in 1973. They mostly covered material by other bands in their early years. In 1975 they were joined by lead singer James Hopkins-Harrison, who gave them their signature sound for the remainder of their recording career.
In 1976 they released “Lake” the self-titled first studio album, with the single ´On The Run´.

A - On The Run (3:28)
Written-by: D. Petersen, J. Hopkins-Harrison / Arranged-by: Detlief Petersen and Lake / Produced-by: Detlief Petersen
B - Key To The Rhyme (4:32)
Written-by: D. Petersen, J. Hopkins-Harrison / Arranged-by: Detlief Petersen and Lake / Produced-by: Detlief Petersen

Genre:  Rock
Label:  CBS Records
Catalog#  5521

(P) 1977

July 26, 2010

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Bob Dylan - Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (1976)

A - Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (3:35)
B - Rita May (3:05)

Release: 1976
Label: CBS Records
Genre: Rock, Blues
Producer: Don DeVito & Bob Dylan
Country: U.S.A

"Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again" is a song by Bob Dylan that appears on his 1966 album “Blonde On Blonde”. This version of the song appears on the 1976 live album “Hard Rain”, and was also released as a single with Rita May as the B-side.
“Hard Rain” is a live album, captured during the second leg of the Rolling Thunder Revue.
The album was partly recorded on May 23, 1976, during a concert at Hughes Stadium in Fort Collins, Colorado; the penultimate show of the tour, the concert was also filmed and later broadcast by NBC as a one-hour television special.

July 25, 2010

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ZZ Top - Arrested For Driving While Blind (1977)

A - Arrested For Driving While Blind (2:56)
B - It´s Only Love (3:46)

Release: 1977
Label: London Records
Genre: Blues Rock
Producer: Bill Ham
Country: U.S.A.

ZZ Top is an American blues rock band, formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. Comprising of Billy Gibbons (vocals and guitar), Dusty Hill (vocals, bass, and keyboards), and Frank Beard (drums and percussion), The members of ZZ Top had previously played in other Texas-based groups, Gibbons in Moving Sidewalks, and Hill and Beard in American Blues. By 1969, both groups had disbanded. Gibbons invited Frank Beard to join his new group, a blues-rock trio which had recently released their first single (titled "Salt Lick"). Beard suggested his former band mate, "Dusty" Hill and the final lineup of the band was formed.
In 1977 they released “Tejas” the fifth album, with the single ´Arrested For Driving While Blind´
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Outlaws - Hurry Sundown (1977)

A - Hurry Sundown (4:05)
B - So Afraid (3:17)

Release: 1977
Label: Arista Records
Genre: Southetrn Rock
Producer: Bill Szymczyk
Country: U.S.A.

The Outlaws are a southern rock band formed in Tampa, Florida in late 1967 by guitarist–vocalist Hughie Thomasson, drummer David Dix, bassist Phil Humberg, guitarists Hobie O'Brien and Frank Guidry, plus singer Herb Pino. Welknown for their songs: ´There Goes Another Love Song´ (1975) and ´Breaker-Breaker´ (1976).
In 1977 they released their third album called "Hurry Sundown" with the single ´Hurry Sundown´.

July 24, 2010

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Danny Taylor Group - Valentina b/w Live In My Mind (1976) - single

Weinig te melden over deze groep. Een meeslepend zomers nummer ´Valentina´, geschreven door L. Caerts/Delsey uit 1976 .

A - Valentina  (3:23)
Written-by: L. Caerts, Delsey / A Swansong Production for Dolphin Records
B - Live In My Mind  (3:12)
Written-by: L. Caerts, P. Buntinx / A Swansong Production for Dolphin Records

Genre:  Pop
Label:  Pink Elephant Records
Catalog#  PE 22135

(P) 1976
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Penney - Superstar b/w That Man (1975) - single

Penney De Jager (Utrecht, 2 januari 1948) is danseres, choreograaf en zangeres.
Na haar opleiding op de Scapino Balletacademie werd zij aangenomen door Het Nationale Ballet. Beroemd in heel Nederland werd zij echter vanwege haar dans en choreografie voor AVRO's Top Pop (1970-1985). Zij richtte het Penney de Jager Ballet op en runde een showdansschool (in Utrecht). Ze was getrouwd met toetsenist Rick van der Linden (Ekseption). De Jager woonde jaren in de VS waar zij o.a. de choreografie voor verschillende reclamespotjes en videoclips verzorgde. Sinds 2008 woont zij weer in Nederland waar zij werkt aan verschillende dans en aerobics projecten. 1975 nam ze de singel ´Superstar´ op, het werd geen hit.

A - Superstar (3:05)
Written-by: Piet Souer / Arranged & Produced-by: Piet Souer
B - That Man (2:35)
Written-by: Piet Souer / Arranged & Produced-by: Piet Souer

Label:  Philips Records
Genre:  Pop
Catalog#  6012545


July 23, 2010

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La Bionda - Baby Make Love (1978)

A - Baby Make Love (4:14)
B - There´s No Other Way (2:43)

Release: 1978
Label: Ariola Records
Genre: Disco
Producer: Bay Records
Country: Italie

“La Bionda” brothers (Carmelo and Michelangelo) are more remembered for being the first most important, successful and worldwide recognized dance producers from Italy. Their early work is a blend of folk and progressive 70’s rock. But slowly then, they began to take more “disco” directions, until 1977. Mostly known for their smash hit ´One For You, One For Me´
From their album “Bandido” (1978) the single ´Baby Make Love´.
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Love Machine - Dance And Shake Your Funky Tambourine b/w If You Can Move It, Get Up And Shake It (1978) - single

The Love Machine were a late 70's female disco/soul group.
Members: Bernice Gibbons, Kathy Bradley, Mary Hopkins, Paulette Gibson, Renee Gentry, Sandra Sully and Sheila Dean. Discovered by Benny Hill who invited them to do a dance number on his show and also appear in some sketches.

A - Dance And Shake Your Funky Tambourine (3:24)
Written-By: P. Adams, G. Carmichael / Producer: Martyn Ford
B - If You Can Move It, Get Up And Shake It (2:15)
Written-By: Martyn Ford / Producer: Martyn Ford

Genre:  Disco
Label: Scramble Records
Catalog# 510065


July 22, 2010

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Rockets - Clementine (1976)

A - Clementine (2:58)
B - Mary Lee (3:31)

Release: 1976
Label: Philips
Genre: Pop, Country
Producer: Visco Productions
Country: Nederland

De Rockets waren de begeleidingsband van Peter Koelewijn, uit de jaren 70.
De leden waren: Ad Damen, Nol Passon, Janus Toethuis en Willem van den Nieuwenhuizen
Op 1 januari 1975 stoppen Peter en de Rockets met optreden. De Rockets gaan alleen verder en Koelewijn stort zich wederom op het produceren. De Rockets nemen een aantal singels op, waarvan ´Clementine´ uit 1976, geschreven door de band zelf samen met Albert West.
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Lemming - Evelyn b/w Bangon (1976) - single

Lemming is een uit Rockanje Nederlandse glitterrock-hardrock-groep die in 1973 ontstaat,
en opzien baart met theatrale shows met monsters, stripteasedanseressen, rook en explosieven.
De bestaat uit: WALLY SLOT: zang, HANS VOS: zang, gitaar, piano, HARRY BRUINTJES: gitaar, TINNY DURRELL: bas, TONY GLOUDIE: drums (.. ex-christie lane).
Lemming geniet tot 1976 enige nationale bekendheid door haar singles: Lucifera (1973), Father John (1974) en Queen Jacula (1975) die allen de Top 40 bereikte.
Daarna brokkelt het af, hoewel de show redelijk bezocht blijven.
Hoewel de LP "Lemming" het begin had moeten zijn van een succesvolle periode, wordt samen met het teruglopen van de glamrage ook het succes van Lemming minder.
De singles Planet Love, nog uit 1975, en Good Morning uit 1976 schoppen het niet verder dan de tipparade. De singel ´Evelyn´ flopt.

A - Evelyn  (3:01)
      Written-By – A. de Bruine, A. Slot

B - Bangon  (3:43)
      Written-By – P. Bewley, R. de Bois

Companies, etc.

Release:  1976
Format: Vinyl, 7", Single
Genre: Glitter-Glam Rock
Catalog# 2050399
Prijs: €5,00

Vinyl:  Goed
Cover:  Goed

Label: Polydor Records

July 21, 2010

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Johnnie Allan - Promised Land (1978)

Johnnie Allan, real name John Allen Guillot, is a pioneer of the swamp pop musical genre. Born March 10, 1938, in Rayne, Louisiana, Allan, a Cajun, grew up in a musical family, and at age six obtained his first guitar. By age thirteen he was playing with Walter Mouton and the Scott Playboys, a traditional Cajun music band. About two years later he switched to Lawrence Walker and the Wandering Aces, another traditional Cajun band. In 1956 he saw Elvis Presley perform live on the Louisiana Hayride music program, and shortly afterwards Allan began to play rock and roll music. In 1958 he left Walker to form the Krazy Kats, and in doing so helped to pioneer what became known as swamp pop music. He returned to the Jin label in the early 1970s and went on to record many notable swamp pop tunes, including his version of Chuck Berry's "Promised Land" in 1978.

A - Johnnie Allan - Promised Land (2:04)
Writtem-by: C. Berry / Produced-by: Floyd Soileau
B - Pete Fowler - One Heart, One Song (3:06)
Written-by: P. Fowler / Produved-by: Al & O.V.

Label:  Stiff Records
Genre:  Swamp Pop
Catalog#  SRS 510066

(P) 1978
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Ray T. Jones - Hey Tonight (1981)

A - Hey Tonight (5:10)
B - Diana (3:24)

Release: 1981
Label: Killroy
Genre: Pop
Producer: Conny Peters
Country: Nederland

Ray T. Jones is de artiestennaam waaronder René Innemee (ex-The Walkers) achter schuilt.
In 1981 brengt hij de singel ´Hey Tonight´ uit, een Creedence Clearwater Revival medley.
In 1982 komt hij met het album “Dead Or Alive”.
Tegenwoordig treed hij nog steeds op als René Innemee & de Revival Band.

July 20, 2010

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David Bowie - Cat People (Putting Out Fire) b/w Paul´s Theme (Jogging Chase) (1982) - single

"Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" is a song by David Bowie, the title song of the 1982 film Cat People. It was written by Bowie with producer Giorgio Moroder. Paul Schrader engaged Bowie for a theme song in 1981, with Moroder having already recorded most of the music. Bowie was to put lyrics to the main theme.
The words only had a basic relation to the film. The B-side is a Moroder-only instrumental which featured no input from Bowie.

A - Cat People (Putting Out Fire)  (4:08)
Written-by: David Bowie, Giorgio Moroder / Produced-by: Giorgio Moroder
B - Paul´s Theme (Jogging Chase)  (3:52)
Written-by:  Giorgio Moroder / Produced-by: Giorgio Moroder

Label:  MCA Records
Genre:  Pop, Electronic
Catalog# 104102


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Telex - Spike Jones b/w Basta (1986) - single

The Belgian synth-pop group Telex was formed in 1978 by Marc Moulin, Dan Lacksman, and Michel Moers, with the intention of "Making something really European, different from rock, without guitar—and the idea was electronic music." Mixing the aesthetics of disco, punk and experimental electronic music .Telex had a typically Belgian, self-deprecating sense of humour. They were influenced by the famed Brussels school of comics (Tintin etc.). For their initial press shots they had gone for a bizarre, faceless image (later also to be assumed by the likes of Devo and The Residents). In 1986, Telex released the album “Looney Tunes”, with the single ´Spike Jones´.

A - Spike Jones (3:24)
B - Basta (3:30)

Release: 1986
Label: Magic Records
Genre: Synthpop, Electronic
Producer: Telex
Country: Belgie

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Margriet Eshuijs - On The Move Again b/w Window Of Love (1979) - single

Margriet Eshuijs (Zaandam, 14 oktober 1952) is een Nederlandse popzangeres.
In 1972 werd de popgroep Lucifer opgericht, met als producer Hans Vermeulen als één van de drijvende krachten. In 1979 werd Lucifer opgeheven.
Margriet Eshuijs ging solo door met de lp “On The Move Again” geproduceerd door de Amerikaan Tom Salesbury (1980). Naar aanleiding van dit album kreeg Margriet een Edison, de Pall Mall Export Prijs en werd ze uitgenodigd op het Knokke Festival en won daar de Personality Prijs.

A - On The Move Again (3:46)
Written-by:  Tom Salisbury / Producer: Tom Salisbury
B - Window Of Love (3:36)
Written-by: J. Hammer, S. Kindler

Label: CBS Records
Genre: Pop
Catalog# 7837


July 19, 2010

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Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do (Live) b/w Penny For Your Thoughts (Live) (1976) - single

Peter Kenneth Frampton (born April 22, 1950) is an English musician, singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He was previously associated with the bands Humble Pie and The Herd, among others. "Do You Feel Like We Do" is a song by Peter Frampton originally on the “Frampton’s Camel” album released in 1973. The song became one of the highlights of his live performance in following years. It was one of the three hit singles released from his “Frampton Comes Alive!” album, released in 1976
The album was recorded in 1975, primarily at Winterland in San Francisco, California and the Long Island Arena in Commack, New York.

A - Do You Feel Like We Do (Live)  (6:54)
Written-by: Frampton / Produced-by: Peter Frampton
B - Penny For Your Thoughts (Live)  (1:23)
Written-by:  Frampton / Produced-by: Peter Frampton

Label:  A&M Records
Genre:  Pop
Catalog# 17390 AT

(P) 1976


July 18, 2010

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Streetwalkers - Chili Con Carne (1977)

A - Chili Con Carne (2:46)
B - But You´re Beautiful (3:47)

Label: Vertigo Records
Genre: Rock
Producer: Streetwalkers
Country: U.K.

Streetwalkers were an English rock band formed in late 1973 by two former members of Family, vocalist Roger Chapman and guitarist John "Charlie" Whitney. They were a five piece band which evolved from Chapman and Whitney's previous touring band Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers. The band was managed by Michael Alphandary and Harvey Goldsmith and were best known for their live performances. By 1977 their potential to become more important in UK rock history was diminished by changing musical taste, due to the growing influence of Punk rock and New Wave music on European culture. The band had success in USA and Europe, particularly Germany. The euphoria surrounding Streetwalkers began to diminish and the potential of becoming more established in Europe evaporated. The album “Vicious But Fair” was released in 1977 with the single ´Chili Con Carne´.
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The Blue Band - Lizard & Snakes b/w Out In The Night (1979) - single

The Blue Band wordt opgericht in 1971, als in de Velpse hippie-enclave Villa Dennenheuvel Marjo Schenk (vocals, gitaar en bas), Willem Brink (leadgitaar en vocals), Hendrik J. Vos (vocals en gitaar) en Jan Damen (drums, bas en vocals) bij elkaar komen. Het repertoire bestaat uit country/folk covers alsook eigen songs van Marjo en Hendrik. The Blue Band repeteert in de studio van Hendrik in de Paulstraat, waar de Arnhemse artscene eind jaren zestig opbloeit.
Tijdens de 'Alive and Kickin' Tour ter promotie van de elpee “The Slithering” (1979) staat The Blue Band in het voorprogramma van Dire Straits, waar Alfred Lagarde als producer opgetogen Arnhems trots aankondigt.

A - Lizards & Snakes (2:11)
Written-By: H.J. Vox / Alfred Lagarde & The Blue Band
B - Out In The Night (4:12)
Written-By: H.J. Vox / Alfred Lagarde & The Blue Band

Genre:  Blues Rock
Label:  Ariola Records
Catalog# 100646

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Carlsberg - Rock On (1976)

A - Rock On (3:20)
B - Marilyn (3:06)

Label: Warner Bros. Records
Genre: Rock
Producer: Peter Bewley
Country: Nederland

Carlsberg was een Nederlandse rockgroep die werd opgericht in 1974 door Arti Kraaijeveld, die twee jaar eerder uit de Bintangs gestapt was. De groep had sindsdien een vaak wisselende samenstelling, waarvan enkel ex-Ekseption-lid Rob Kruisman alle jaren als zanger en saxofonist deel uit heeft gemaakt. Eind 1975 bracht de groep zijn eerste single ´Sweet Louise´ uit. Deze haalde de Tipparade. Het nummer was door Kraaijeveld geschreven en geproduceerd, maar hij verliet kort daarna de groep. Na zijn vertrek zat hij kort in de band Uzi en ging daarna solo. Carlsberg bestond vanaf dat moment nog uit gitarist Han Bavinck, bassist André Versluijs, drummer Bart Terlaak en percussionist Egon Jansen. De opvolger ´Rock On´ bleef onopgemerkt.
De bekendste hit van de groep is ´All The President’s Men´ uit 1979.

July 17, 2010

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Navel Orange Choir - Baby b/w Samba Conflicto (1976) - single

Navel Orange Choir was een Nederlandse groep opgericht in 1976. Groepsleden waren Wim Oudijk (keyboards, vocals), Joris Kila (guitars, vocals), Lisa Schulte (vocals, later bekend als Lisa Boray), Louis Debij (ex-Fungus), Cees Van Leeuwen (bass-guitar, vocals) en Joop van Putten (organ, vocals). In 1976 brengen ze hun debutsingel ´Baby´ uit. Een groovy en meeslepend liedje.

A - Baby (3:41)
Written-by: W. Oudijk, J.Kila /  Producer: Cees Schrama
B - Samba Conflicto (2:31)
Written-by: W. Oudijk, J.Kila /  Producer: Cees Schrama

Recorded: at Phonogram Honingstraat Studio, Hilversum
Genre: Pop
Country: Nederland
Label: Polydor Records


July 16, 2010

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Hansje - Silex Pistols Piew Piew (1978)

A - Silex Pistols Piew Piew (3:00)
B - It´s So Lovely (2:10)

Label: Bovema-Negram Records
Genre: Pop
Producer: Jacques Zwart
Country: Nederland

Hansje Ravensteijn (1950) is een Nederlandse artieste (de Nederlandse Blondie) die op tal van terreinen werkzaam was. Behalve fotomodel en mannequin was ze werkzaam als fotomodel, musicalster, danseres en zangeres. Als danseres werkte Hansje Ravestijn bij Helen Le Clerq.
Meeste bekendheid kreeg Hansje waarschijnlijk als zangeres. De single "Automobile" werd in 1979 een internationaal succes. Hansje was regelmatig in het Duits TV-programma Musikladen te bewonderen. De singel ´Silex Pistols Piew Piew´ werd daarintegen geen succes
Hansje Ravesteijn werkte ook mee aan de musicals "Hair" en "Godspell".

July 14, 2010

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Sfinx - Singing My Life Away b/w Cos You´ve Changed (1979) - single

Sfinx is een swingende symfonische rockgroep uit Den Haag, opgericht door sologitarist/zanger Peter Langerak en zanger/saxofonist John Philippo en gemanaged door Aad Langerak. De eerste bezetting wordt aangevuld door toetsenist Michael Eschauzier, drummer Hans Adelaar en bassist Dennis Lammers. Het geluid van de band valt op door het gebruik van akoestische gitaren. Muziekblad Oor noemt in 1975 de band 'een van de veelbelovendste groepen zonder plaat'. Het eerste en enige album “Holy Cat” verschijnt pas in 1979 met de singel ´Singing My Life Away´ wat geen hit werd. De door Ton Scherpenzeel (Kayak) geproduceerde plaat maakt de verwachtingen echter niet waar.

A - Singing My Life Away (3:27)
Written-by: Nix, Philippo / Arranged-by: Peter Langerak / Produced-by: Ton Scherpenzeel
B - Cos You´ve Changed (4:09)
Written-by: Langerak / Arranged-by: Peter Langerak / Produced-by: Ton Scherpenzeel

Label:  Polydor Records
Genre:  Pop
Catalog#  2050542

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Dwight Twilley Band - You Were So Warm b/w Sincerely (1975) - single

Dwight Twilley (born June 6, 1951, Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an American pop/rock singer and songwriter.
From their debut album “Sincerely” released in 1976 on Shelter Records where taken the song ‘You Were So Warm’. The band consisted solely of Dwight Twilley (guitar, piano, lead and harmony vocals) and Phil Seymour (drums, bass, percussion, lead and harmony vocals), although touring band member Bill Pitcock IV played lead guitar on every song except for "Sincerely" itself. The album credited production to Oister, which was the original name of the Dwight Twilley Band; later reissues have credited production directly to Twilley and Seymour.

A - You Were So Warm  (2:26)
Written-by - Dwight Twilley / Produced by - Olster
B - Sincerely (2:40)
Written-by - Dwight Twilley / Produced by - Olster

Label: Shelter Records
Genre: Pop, Rock
Catalog# 16454 AT

(P) 1975
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The Chris Farlowe Band - We Can Work It Out b/w Only Women Bleed (1975) - single

Chris Farlowe (born John Henry Deighton, 13 October 1940, Islington, North London, England) is a successful English pop/bluessinger. The only thing that Chris Farlowe had not done in the space of 15 years as a recording artist was a concert album, and Chris Farlowe Band Live finally filled that need.
As a bonus track on that album the song ‘We Can Work It Out’ a cover song from The Beatles.

A - We Can Work It Out (3:40)
Written-By:  Lennon/McCartney / Produced-By: Tony Colton and Jean Roussel
B - Only Women Bleed (4:30)
Written-By: Cooper, Wagner / Produced-By: Jean Roussek

Genre:  Pop
Label:  Polydor Records
Catalog#  2058650

(P) 1975
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Bob Marley & The Wailers - Roots Rock Reggae b/w Talkin´ Blues (1976) - single

Bob Marley & The Wailers was a reggae band created by Bob Marley in 1974. “Rastaman Vibration” is a roots reggae album by Bob Marley & The Wailers released on April 30, 1976. While the album was a big hit in the USA, becoming the first (and only) Bob Marley release to hit the top ten on the Billboard 200 charts , it did not generate a significant hit single, although "Roots, Rock, Reggae" was the only Bob Marley single to reach the Billboard Hot 100 charts, peaking at #51. Synthesizers are featured prominently on this album, adding a breezy embellishment to otherwise hard-driving songs with strong elements of rock guitar.

A - Roots Rock Reggae (3:24)
Written-by: V. Ford / Produced-by: Bob Marley & The Wailers
B - Talkin' Blues (3:51)
Written-by: B. Marley / Produced-by: Chris Blackwell, The Wailers

Label:  Island Records
Genre:  Reggae
Catalog#  17101 AT

(P) 1976
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Fortune - Saddle The Wind b/w Certain Kind Of Feeling (1978) - single

Fortune is an 1980s rock band that had a number of minor hits in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
The Fortune Band began in the late 70's when brothers Richard Fortune on guitar and Mick Fortune on drums decided to join together and form a band. The first Fortune self-titled album was released on Warner Bros in 1978 with follow-up WB singles releases including "Squeeze Me, Tease Me" and "Saddle in the Wind."  The songs are sung, respectively, by Maureen Thornton and Colleen Fortune. Fortune co-wrote most of the record with Richard Fortune. Colleen and Richard seems to be a husband-and-wife musical team, but she left the group at some point, which I assume detracted from both the music and the cover art


A - Saddle The Wind  (3:40)
      Written-By – C. Fortune, M. Davis, R. Fortune 

B - Certain Kind Of Feeling  (3:31)
      Written-By – M. Davis, M. Thornton 
Producer – Mark Davis

Released: 1978
Genre: Rock
Style: Soft Rock, Classic Rock
Label: Warner Bros. Records ‎
Catalog# WB 17.280

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Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen (1977)

A - God Save The Queen (3:20)
B - Did You No Wrong (3:09)

Label: Virgin Records
Genre: Punk
Producer: Chris Thomas
Land: U.K.

The Sex Pistols are an English punk rock band that formed in London in 1975. The Sex Pistols are responsible for initiating the punk movement in the United Kingdom and inspiring many later punk and alternative rock musicians. Although their initial career lasted just two-and-a-half years and produced only four singles and one studio album, “Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols”, they are regarded as one of the most influential acts in the history of popular music. The Sex Pistols originally comprised vocalist Johnny Rotten, guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and bassist Glen Matlock. Matlock was replaced by Sid Vicious in early 1977. Under the management of impresario Malcolm McLaren, the band created controversies which captivated Britain. ‘God Save The Queen’ was the second single released by the punk rock band Sex Pistols. It was released during Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee in 1977. The record's lyrics, as well as the cover, were controversial at the time, and both the BBC and the Independent Broadcasting Authority refused to play the song.
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The Buddy Odor Stop - Buddy Odor Is A Gas b/w I Love You Madly (1979) - single

Terwijl de platen van Gruppo Sportivo met een grote publiciteitscampagne in de Verenigde Staten worden uitgebracht komt tot ieders verrassing het bericht dat Hans Vandenburg heeft besloten de groep op te heffen omdat hij zich beperkt voelt in zijn muzikale ontwikkeling. Zijn plan is een nieuwe band op te richten met muzikanten die hij in New York zal uitzoeken. Eind van het jaar verschijnt het debuutalbum van Buddy Odor Stop, waarin geen Amerikanen voorkomen maar wel o.a. de Gruppo-muzikanten Peter Calicher, Max Mollinger, Meike Touw en Lisa Bialac (zij zong mee op het album Unforgiven van Tim Hardin). De begeleidende concertreeks trekt veel publiek, maar de reacties zijn gereserveerd. Het jazzy geluid is voor velen een te grote stijlbreuk en de zaal roept voortdurend om de oude successen. Het album Buddy Odor Is A Gas! en de gelijknamige single floppen genadeloos.

A - Buddy Odor Is A gas (2:31)
Written-by: Van DeFruits / Producer: Robert Jan Stips, Hans Vandenburg
B - I Love You Madly (4:55)
Written-by: Van DeFruits, M. Trouw / Producer: Robert Jan Stips, Hans Vandenburg

Label:  Ariola Records
Genre:  Jazz, Nederpop
Catalog#  101137

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Barry De Vorzon - Theme From "The Warriors" (1979)

A - Theme From "The Warriors" (3:41)
B - Baseball Furies Chase (2:30)

Label: A&M Records
Genre: Disco, Soundtrack
Producer: Barry De Vorzon
Land: U.S.A.

Barry De Vorzon (born July 31, 1934 in New York City) is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and composer.
De Vorzon composed the soundtracks to many 1970s and 1980s films, and one of the tunes, where the theme from "The Warriors" in 1979.
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Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes feat. Sir Monti Rock III - Hot Lava (Part I) (1976)

A - Hot Lava (Part I) (3:16)
B - Hot Lava (Part II) (4:18)

Label: Chelsea Records
Genre: Disco
Producer: Kenny Nolan
Land: U.S.A.

Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes were a disco group of the 1970s with a large gay following, mainly due to the overtly camp image of lead vocalist, Sir Monti Rock III (born Joseph Montanez Jr., 29 May 1942, The Bronx, New York, formed by Bob Crewe and Sir Monti Rock III (who was a teen idol/talk show regular of the 1960s).
Best Known for their biggest hit 1975's "Get Dancin'". The Single ‘Hot Lava’ was taken from their 1976 album “Manhattan Millionaire”
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Santa Esmeralda feat. Jimmy Goings - The Wages Of Sin (part 1) b/w Dance De La Beaute - The Wages Of Sin (part 2) (1978) - single

Santa Esmeralda is a U.S./French Disco group formed in the 1970s, which earned a #1 club hit in 1977 with a cover version of the song "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", sung by Leroy Gomez (Till 1978 singer with Santa Esmeralda). From 1978 till 1982 the vocals are done by Jimmy Goings. The single ‘The Wages Of Sin’ was taken from the album “Beauty” (1978).

A - The Wages Of Sin (Part I) (3:20)
Written-by: Steven Kay, Nicholas Skorsky / A Fauves Puma Production
B - Danse De La Beaute (Part I)/ The Wages Of Sin (Part II) (3:33)
Written-by: Jose Souc, Steven Kay, Nicholas Skorsky / A Fauves Puma Production

Label:  Philips Records
Genre:  Spanish Disco
Catalog#  6042392

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Lou Reed - Charley´s Girl / Nowhere At All (1976) - single

Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed (born March 2, 1942) is an American rock musician best known as the guitarist, vocalist and principal songwriter of The Velvet Underground as well as a successful solo artist whose career has spanned several decades. Lou Reed began a long and eclectic solo career in 1971. "Charley´s Girl" was taken from his 6th studio album “Coney Island Baby” released in 1976.

A - Charley's Girl  (2:40)
Written-by - Lou Reed / Produced-by: Lou Reed & Godfrey Diamond
B - Nowhere At All  (3:10)
Written-by - Lou Reed / Produced-by: Lou Reed & Godfrey Diamond

Genre:  Rock Experimental
Label:  RCA Records
Catalog#  PB-10573

(P) 1976
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Baciotti - Black Jack b/w Musical Solo (1977) - single

Baciotti had an excellent electronic spacey sounding Euro Disco number called "Black Jack" , taken from Baciotti's "Black Jack" album. Baciotti's falsetto voice can get annoying, but this is a great song nonetheless.

A - Black Jack (4.00)
Written-by: Baciotti, P. Forrest / Arranged-by Loubert, Baciotti / Producer: Pippo La Rosa
B - Musical Solo (3.32)
Written-by: Baciotti / Arranged-by Loubert, Baciotti / Producer: Pippo La Rosa

Label:  Disques Yona Records
Genre:  Electronic, Disco
Catalog#  6172721