September 11, 2012

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Jennifer - Do It For Me b/w Boogie Boogie Love (1976) - single

Jennifer (aka Disco Jennifer), real name Chantal Benoist, is a French singer and actress. Equipped with a very nice presence, Chantal Benoist began her career as a photo model and mannequin in 1972, becoming one of the most famous in France and starting the business of acting. In 1976 the producer (as well as, at the time, her companion) Michel Deloir wants a Disco-style number, the kind that is very in at that time. "Do It For Me" from the funky album "Walking In Space". It is a great success in France, Italy and the rest of Europe. The name Jennifer and a sexy image, as well as the share, the sexy album cover and television appearances in that time, guaranteed success.

A - Do It For Me (3:15)
written by: J. Denis Perez / produced by: M. Deloir for Big Box and W.A.S.
B - Boogie Boogie Love (2:10)
written by: Michel Deloir / produced by: M. Deloir for Big Box and W.A.S.

Label:  Sonopresse
Genre:  Disco
Catalog#  BB 40221

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Meltin Pot - Reggae Baby b/w Please Lady Stay (1976)

Uit Amsterdam afkomstige amusements groep die sinds 1974 werkt om success te verkrijgen. De leden bestaan uit: Richard Misseyer (drums, zang), Jos Soethout (gitaar, zang), Ronny Neyhoff (bas), Bob Fransz (gitaar, zang) en Johnny Bridge (zang). Bij hun vele optredens kregen ze veel goede reacties van het publiek. Deze jongens beschikken allen over een gedegen muzikale achtergrond, is het niet via studie dan wel door ervaring die men in de vooraf gaande jaren heeft opgedaan in bandjes, waarin men gespeeld heeft.
De nummers op deze single zijn geschreven door John Russel, welbekend in de jaren 70 door een aantal bekende Top-40 hits.


A - Reggae Baby
       Written by: John Russel 

B - Please Lady Stay
       Written by: John Russel 

Dalipress Production

Release: 1976
Genre: Reggae
Label:  Pink Elephant Records
Catalog#  PE 22178
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The Supremes - I´m Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking b/w Color My World Blue (1976)

"I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking" is a disco-styled soul single composed by the Holland brothers Eddie and Brian, members of the former Holland–Dozier–Holland team and was released as a single by Motown vocal group The Supremes in 1976 on the Motown label. It was the first single since "Your Heart Belongs to Me" in 1962 to feature four Supremes. It is also notable for being the last top forty single the group would score before their contract with Motown expired the following year.
Lead vocals by Scherrie Payne and Susaye Greene
Background vocals by Scherrie Payne, Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong

A - I´m Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking
written by: H. Beatty, B & E Holland / produced by: Holland-Dozier Productions Inc.
B - Color My World Blue
written by: F. Johnson / produced by: Clayton Ivey & Terry Woodford for Wishbone Inc.

Label:  Tamla Motown Records
Genre:  Soul
Catalog#  5C 006-97769