July 18, 2010

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Streetwalkers - Chili Con Carne (1977)

A - Chili Con Carne (2:46)
B - But You´re Beautiful (3:47)

Label: Vertigo Records
Genre: Rock
Producer: Streetwalkers
Country: U.K.

Streetwalkers were an English rock band formed in late 1973 by two former members of Family, vocalist Roger Chapman and guitarist John "Charlie" Whitney. They were a five piece band which evolved from Chapman and Whitney's previous touring band Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers. The band was managed by Michael Alphandary and Harvey Goldsmith and were best known for their live performances. By 1977 their potential to become more important in UK rock history was diminished by changing musical taste, due to the growing influence of Punk rock and New Wave music on European culture. The band had success in USA and Europe, particularly Germany. The euphoria surrounding Streetwalkers began to diminish and the potential of becoming more established in Europe evaporated. The album “Vicious But Fair” was released in 1977 with the single ´Chili Con Carne´.

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