July 28, 2014

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Carly Simon - Jesse b/w Stardust (1980) - single

"Jesse" is a song written and performed by Carly Simon and produced by Mike Mainieri. The song was the lead single from Simon's ninth studio album, “Come Upstairs”.The song is told in first-person about the narrator's disdain for her former lover, who has just moved back to town. She vows to have nothing to do with him, "Don't let him near me, don't let him touch me, don't let him please me," she sings. She asks her friends to remind her of how he has wronged her, because she fears she'll fall back under his spell. She ends up letting her guard down and the two rekindle their romance, and she seeks to comfort her friends because they don't approve. "My friends, let's comfort them, they're feeling bad, they think I've sunk so low," she sings. Simon's then-husband, James Taylor, and their daughter, Sally Taylor, sing backup vocals. The single has a country-pop flair, unlike the rest of the album, which is more rock-oriented.

A - Jesse (4:18)
Written-by: Carly Simon, Mike Mainieri / Produced-by: Mike Mainieri
B - Stardust (4:15)
Written-by: Carly Simon, Mike Mainieri / Produced-by: Mike Mainieri

Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Genre:  Pop, Rock
Catalog#  WB17689


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