February 14, 2015

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M - Moonlight And Muzak b/w Woman Make Man (1979) - single

M was English musician Robin Scott's brief but very successful new wave/synthpop project in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
After the huge, international success of "Pop Muzik" it was follow-up time for Robin Scott. Together with his girlfriend and later wife Brigit Novik they booked themselves into expensive studios in Montreux to record their debut album "New York, London, Paris, Munich".
"Moonlight & Muzak" was chosen as the next single. The title was of course inspired by the mysterious and obscure Muzak Corporation, which Scott visited while being in North-America. He described it as "a very weird experience. There were all these white collar workers conscientiously putting together music with the precision of chemists. Way before Eno was doing it, these guys were doing it for real. They were pre-occupied with the pace of workers in factories, and how to maximise their efficiency". "Moonlight & Muzak" is a very serene and souave composition, which is counterbalanced by an antiseptic, rhumba-esque beat that is totally drained of all emotions that are typically associated with latin music. It´s muzak! A Theremin melody and other exotic-sounds are drawn from mood-music of the past, while Scott speak-sings a story about being a secret agent who is brainwashed by all the muzak that is constantly playing around him in this "international motel fantasy". Of course there is also a sax-solo by Gary Barnacle, which almost sounds synthetic in its planned blandness.

A -  Moonlight And Muzak (3:48)
written by: Robin Scott / producer: Robin Scott
B - Woman Make Man (2:14)
written by: Robin Scott / producer: Robin Scott

Label:  MCA Records
Genre:  Synthpop
Catalog#  1A 006-63471 

(P) 1979


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