February 13, 2016

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Steve Miller Band - Macho City b/w Fly Like An Eagle (1981) - single

Still, no one could've predicted the 16-plus-minute disco-DJ set approximation that is 1981's "Macho City," which takes up the entire B-side of their eleventh album “Circle of Love”. In part piggybacking off the 1979 club success of Chicago's "Street Player"  and, as a result, ushering in an era when rock bands routinely attempted to get a hit via club culture  "Macho City" is nevertheless so uncompromising in its dedication to the dance floor that you can't dismiss it as cynical or calculating.
Drums that look back to the Fatback Band's lead-footed swing provide the anchor as rhythmic rock diverts into trippy sound effects (hi-hats skittering like raindrops leading into actual, full-on thunderstorm FX, plus beefy guitars that groan like an airplane taking off) amid plenty of funk riffing and noodling. It consciously invokes Nicky Siano's unpredictable DJ sets at the Loft and Studio 54, where he famously mixed in the sounds of rainfall and planes flying overhead to add more atmosphere to the club.

A - Macho City  (3:20)
Written-By – S. Miller / Producer – Steve Miller

B - Fly Like An Eagle 
Written-By – S. Miller / Producer – Steve Miller / Executive-Producer – John Paladino

Release: 1981
Label:  Mercury Records
Catalog#  6000774

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